European cities where to enjoy Christmas markets

Ready for the arrival of the Christmas? Well, it's about time because we have it around the corner. One of the most deeply rooted traditions during this time of year, especially in Central and Nordic Europe, is that of the Christmas markets, where you can find Christmas decorations, warm sweet wine, local crafts and all kinds of typical snacks.

If you want to spend your Christmas holidays away from home or you can make a escapade During the next weeks, and you want to get drunk with the Christmas spirit, we recommend that you travel to one of the cities that we are going to talk about below, where you can enjoy the best Christmas markets.


The German capital has a long list of Christmas markets. One of the best known is the WeihnachtsZauber Gendarmenmarkt, where you will enjoy the best samples of gastronomy international. And if you fancy something more cultural you can visit the Lucia Christmas Market in Kultubrauere.


In Vienna, Austria, stands the Kultur- und Weihnachtsmarkt market, opposite the monumental Schonbrunn Palace. There you can taste the spiced wine and buy souvenirs. Many of the Austrian markets become New Year's markets after Christmas and they sell the lucky charms that Austrians traditionally exchange on New Year's Eve. Another market you will have to visit in Vienna is the Spittelberg market.


The Christkindlimarkt in Zurich, Switzerland, is one of the largest indoor Christmas markets in Europe. Every year the station The city's train turns into a Christmas Wonderland, complete with a huge Christmas tree.


Further north, specifically in Stockholm, Sweden, you can visit Christmas markets with their own traditions. For example, at the Christmas Market in the old town stands Red-roofed offer Swedish specialties. On the other hand, the city houses the world's first open-air museum, the Skansen, which is the scene of a Christmas market during the four weeks of Advent.


Finally we want to talk about the market that is installed in Champs-Elysés, which you should go to if you have the opportunity to visit the French capital and the beautiful Trocadéro market.

Top 10 European Cities to Celebrate Christmas (June 2020)

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