The best business hotel in Germany

The Radisson Blu Hotel Berlin has become the best business hotel in Germany. I'm not saying it, the members of the jury for the ‘World Travel Awards’ say it, the same ones who have decided to give him the de awardGermany's Leading Business Hotel 2013‘.

For them it is nothing new, since last year they also received the same reward for the good work done. The fact of being a modern hotel that combines the latest technology, wellness area and high quality services has been decisive, something that has recognized Ralph Goetzmann, CEO of the luxurious hotel complex.

These awards are delivered from 1993which is when the first ones were held ‘World travel awards‘. Since then, thousands of professionals from more than 160 countries related to the sector have cast their votes to choose the best.

Many reasons to be the best

The Radisson Blue Hotel is located on the banks of the River Spree, between Museum Island and Alexanderplatz. It is a perfect location because it is right in front of the Berlin Cathedral and a few minutes from the Brandenburg Gate, the most famous monument in the German capital.

Its lobby impresses all guests because it accommodates the largest cylindrical aquarium of the world's sea water. A million liters of salt water and 25 meters high that leave you with your mouth open

On the other hand, it has 427 rooms and suites where clients stay. They can enjoy their 2,740 square meters Dedicated to meeting spaces (15 conference rooms, 5 lounges and the Dom Lounge, an incredible room with panoramic views of the city). Obviously, it does not lack a wellness area with swimming pool, gym, sauna and several rooms where you can receive massages and beauty treatments.

Price of a standard double room

The only downside is the price of a double room, since it can cost you a few 300 euros per night during the week (on weekends it is cheaper).

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