The 10 most beautiful villages in France

France It has the privilege of being one of the most visited countries in the world. The fault lies with Paris, its capital, which with the Eiffel Tower as its flag attracts those who want to take a ‘selfie’ at the foot of such a monument full of history.

Fortunately there is much more to visit. For example, towns most beautiful in the country, which as you can see deserve our full attention.

1- Riquewihr

In the Upper Rhine department, in the Alsace region, just over 1,000 people have become accustomed to being visited by tourists who arrive wanting to enjoy its beauty. World War II did him a lot of damage, but he still stands as a walled town that does not allow the entry of cars and that invites you to see buildings such as the Dolder tower, which dates from the 13th century and is about 25 meters high.

2- Bayeux

It is a town in the Normandy region with barely 14,000 inhabitants. It is known for the 11th century tapestry that bears his name, but Bayeux is also spoken of as the first city liberated by the Allies after the famous Normandy's landing in 1944. This means that there is a mix of modern and ancient architecture that quickly captures the attention of those who visit it.

3- Cassel

It is in the Nord-Pas de Calais region and has a population of less than 2,500 inhabitants. From the top of its hill, where by the way there is a beautiful mill from the 18th century, it is possible to contemplate the beauty of the place. Equally recommended is parading through the Large square Cobbled and lost among its oldest houses.

4- Èze

When i talked about the most beautiful villages on the French Riviera I could not forget Èze, which can also be considered one of the most outstanding in France. If you move around Cannes or Nice, you should stop and go up to the highest point of the town, which is 1,400 meters above sea level. That in itself is a claim, since it offers privileged views of the Mediterranean Sea.

5- Gordes

This other town is also in the Blue Coast, although it is not bathed by the sea like Èze. It is 370 meters above sea level and is romantic like few others, which is why many artists have decided to spend a season there in search of the inspiration that is so difficult to find in the big city. Its lavender fields are a gift for the eyes and for the sense of smell.

6- Dinan

Just over 10,000 people live in this town located in the Brittany region. Dinan has a lot to offer to those who visit it, such as a gastronomic offer that captures from the first moment: crepes, white wine, oysters ... After eating, nothing better than walking through its cobbled streets and breathing in the medieval atmosphere that still resides. in this locality considered as considered Ville d'art et d'histoire since 1984.


His story as Petite Cité de Caractére It dates back to the 20th century, which is when a French-born American named Alfred Klotz bought the old town castle. This castle is open to the public and not only serves to display his paintings, but also exhibits on rural life in Brittany, which is where Rochefort-en-Terre sits. The town does not even reach 1,000 inhabitants and their houses are a kind of architectural potpourri, as there are rustic style wooden houses that mix with Renaissance mansions and 19th century country houses.


It is known for the Cluny abbey, which is precisely the one that gave the town its name. his monastery of the 10th century is a tourist attraction for those who visit the Burgundy region, although the green fields that complete an idyllic landscape are not far behind either.


If you want to surround yourself with nature and breathe clean air, Vouvant is one of the best options in French territory for the simple reason that it is located at the northern end of a forest. It is in the Vendée department and its population does not reach 1,000 inhabitants, something that speaks for itself of the tranquility that is breathed there. In addition, you will also like to know that there is a fourteenth century bridge that crosses the Loire river and that it preserves its original walls.


Porquerolles is another jewel of the French Riviera. It is a town and an island located in the archipelago of Îles d’Hyères, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region. Just over 200 inhabitants live there, so tourists who visit it do so in search of sun, beach and relaxation.

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