The world's most punctual airlines

Let's not fool ourselves. No one likes to wait, much less in a airport, where the amenities are usually conspicuous by their absence. For this reason we like that our flights Depart at the scheduled time and arrive at the time indicated on the boarding passes.

FlightStats, aware of the anger that delays can cause, has compiled a list with the 10 most punctual airlines in the world. For the research they have taken into account those that operate on at least three continents and are regular companies (no charter flights) with more than 30,000 flights a year.

A Spanish woman in the Top 10

1- South African Airways (South Africa): 94% punctuality
2- Gulf Air (Bahrain): 90.7%
3- Japan Airlines (Japan) 90.4%
4- Air New Zealand (New Zealand) 89.68%
5- Singapore Airlines (Singapore) 87.7%
6- Air Europa (Spain) 87.27%
7- KLM (Netherlands) 86.35%
8- Delta (United States) 86.35%
9- Saudi Arabian (Saudi Arabia) 86.28%
10- ANA (Japan) 85.51%

The allowed margin in all cases has been up to 15 minutes. The flights that took place during the month of February 2013 were investigated.


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