Tips for going green on vacation

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You like travel? If the answer is yes, which I imagine it is, I must tell you that this is partly thanks to the beauty of our environment, which, despite the fact that it has changed in recent decades, continues to surprise us with its natural beauty.

So that this continues to be the case and we have no complaints about our future great-great-grandchildren, the best thing we can do is maintain an ecological attitude beyond our daily lives, since when we are on vacation we also have to look for the health of the planet. That is why I have prepared a series of tips with which you could boast of ecological tourism.

Get around on public transport

Don't even think about renting a car during your vacation unless it is the only viable option to carry out all those plans that you have set before leaving home. The ideal is to move with public transport, which is also usually the cheapest option to get around leaving aside those who prefer to walk or bike.

Traveling by public transport emit less polluting gases to the atmosphere and there are no problems accessing certain urban centers that do not allow access by cars.

Save water

Hotels do not tire of leaving notes telling us how we should place towels depending on whether we want them changed or not. Obviously they are looking out of their pocket, but beyond that they are also looking out of the environment. That is why we recommend you take a shower instead of a bath and do it without exceeding the normal time of what a shower is.


Save electricity

Closely related to water is electricity. Why foolishly spend light? If at home you are careful and you turn off all the switches so you don't get scared when the electric company bill arrives, when you are on vacation try to behave the same, since money is not the only thing at stake when someone leaves a light on in an empty room.

Respect everything around you

You don't just have to be respectful of a camera flash when you enter a museum with "no flash allowed" signs. You also have to keep that attitude with animals and with all the nature that surrounds us. We should not pick flowers or do things that we know are not appropriate. What if all the tourists plucked a flower from a huge garden? Every gesture counts for good and for bad.

Use the bins

It still amazes me that people are throwing papers down the street or out of the car window. It is very bad Education and it is something that attracts attention anywhere in the world. Just as you would not like someone to litter your house, do not litter that of others.


Save paper

Do you have to print the papers of the accommodation or the tickets you have bought? Think that it is much better to show them from a mobile device, something that luckily more and more companies accept. In this way it is possible to save a lot of paper.

These are some of the tips that we should all take into account, but obviously there is more. What one has to do is be respectful both in his land and in the destinations that he visits throughout his life. It is a way of respecting both the planet, which belongs to everyone, and the inhabitants of that place where we hope to spend some very pleasant days.

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