Madrid Gay Pride, among the best in the world

The first week of July Madrid dressed up as every year to celebrate the day, or rather the week, of Gay pride. An event that is gaining more and more followers, and that is turning the Madrid capital into an international benchmark. And is that what was a fun way to claim the rights of homosexuals, has become a tourist attraction In all rules.

This year 2013, due to the crisis, the festivals have had a lower economic budget and with various changes compared to other editions. However, once the economic balance, the merchants in the area and Madrid in general, are clear: the benefits have been significant. And it is that during that week there have been many tourists from other countries that have visited Madrid. And they have come for Pride.

World famous events

That is why this worldly and colorful party is gaining more and more relevance. So much so that it could appear in the ranking from Gay Pride around the world. They started as a protest, but today they are a very important tourist attraction.
To the Madrid Gay Pride Party, we must add the New York Pride, the first festival of these characteristics to be held in the world (started in 1968). It is held in late June and is one of the times of the year when the Big Apple receives more tourists. It also highlights the Sydney Mardi Gras, which has been held in Sydney in the month of February since 1978. Its parade is one of the biggest tourist events in Australia. Finally, we must mention the Gay Pride party that takes place in Brighton, the Brighton Pride, which has achieved great relevance in the United Kingdom.

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