What to do if you lose your bags at the airport

You go on holiday. You travel by plane and, when you arrive at your destination, you check with horror that your suitcase does not leave by the conveyor belt. Your luggage has been lost and you are in the airport of a city that is not yours and without suitcases. This, which should be an exception, a misfortune that occurs very occasionally, happens too often. Start now a long and boring procedure that you will have to face calmly, if you do not want to spoil your long-awaited vacation.

When you lose your luggage at an airport, there is no point in getting angry, although it is a normal and understandable reaction. It is best to take it with philosophy and give as soon as possible the necessary steps to retrieve suitcases. We tell you what you have to do in these cases.

First, communicate the loss

First, you have to report the loss to the airline, so that the incident is recorded as soon as possible. In this situation the speed with which you act is key to recover the luggage as soon as possible and to continue with your vacation.
Check that you keep all the documentation of the flight (ticket, luggage check-in tag and boarding pass) and do not leave the airport without proof of loss. Go to the counter of the company with which you have traveled and report the disappearance. You will have to fill out a Baggage Irregularity Report (P.I.R.) and also present it at the counters of the Association of European Airlines. And that step, as heavy as it may seem, you have to do it as soon as possible.

Then get hold of the phone Customer Support from the airline to track the search. Some airlines offer the option of staying informed through the Internet. And, remember, whether or not your suitcase appears, you have the right to request compensation for the damages caused.

As a tip to avoid losing luggage on a trip, try not to carry valuables in the suitcase you check in, and don't forget to put your personal data in and out of it.

Lost luggage: What happens to your baggage after check-in (May 2022)

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