Burgos, gastronomic destination of the year

Burgos is a wonderful city, full of treasures to discover. And, at the head of its important artistic legacy, of course, is its imposing cathedral, a jewel of Gothic architecture. But Burgos has many other incentives that make your visit a must: its historic center, its many monuments, the life that is breathed in its streets and squares ...

However, today I want to highlight a powerful reason to visit Burgos: its gastronomy. Proof of this is that it is the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy in 2013. If you go there you can enjoy flavors that you will not forget. Do you need more reasons to schedule a getaway to the city of Cid Campeador?

Flavors of always and today

For all that it contains, starting with its cathedral, which is a Gothic wonder, Burgos is one of the most visited cities in our geography. In fact, The New York Times chose her as best tourist destination Spanish for this year. And it is not surprising, since it contains a thousand sensory experiences to enjoy. In addition, due to its cool summer climate, it will be a more than tempting option if you want to escape the heat.

Today we are going to tell you the secrets of Burgos gastronomy that has aroused so much interest lately. Although the roast suckling lamb It is Castilian heritage, Burgos is the perfect place to taste it. In Ojeda House, one of the most traditional restaurants in the city, suckling lamb is the specialty. But they also masterfully develop other typical dishes of the province such as the famous black pudding or the Ibeas beans.

But if what you want is to try new flavors, although anchored to the earth, you will have to visit Fable, one of the restaurants that has been giving the most in the last few months. Its chef, Isabel Álvarez, is responsible. You can also get closer to Blue Gallery to taste the delicacies that chef Saúl Gómez signs. Whatever you decide, you will take a good memory of the city. It will be worth it.

HTBABFT and the gastronomic delights of Burgos 2019 (January 2021)

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