La Quebrada, a break of vertigo in Acapulco

Are you one of those watering lovers who travel the world in search of rocks to jump from? Well then surely you have heard about the Broken, a 45 meter high cliff located in the port of Acapulco, in southern Mexico.

Every summer news, always dramatic, about jumps from cliffs. However, it is a sport that, despite being extreme, has a long tradition and practiced safely in controlled spaces can be a great spectacle. La Quebrada is one of them. Do you want to know this magnificent place more thoroughly?

The jump

Since 1934 the famous jumps or nailed (vertical dive), which must be done when the sea level is the highest. Since then it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Acapulco.

The divers or nailed are boys from the area (from 17 to 45 years old) who practice this acrobatic jump. Every day there are five presentations by these brave athletes; the most spectacular and unforgettable are the night ones, as they are launched carrying a torch in each hand. There is a public viewpoint from where you can see the jump in exchange for a tip for the divers. The best view, however, is provided by the La Perla club, although admission has a cost.

To perform the jump, the divers climb the cliff, along a path that was formed by dynamiting the ravine during some works in 1934. At the highest point there is a platform and a small sanctuary, where the divers perform a ritual and some stretching exercises, before jumping into the void.

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets

In addition to observing the fantastic and vertiginous Divers show, from this point you can see the wonderful sunset and its sunrises.

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