Cities to discover on board the tram

The trolley car (I mean the ancients) is a peculiar means of transport, reminiscent of other times. It has a very special nostalgic point, which is why many cities take advantage of it even today as one more tourist attraction. And it is not surprising, because there is nothing like walking the streets of a beautiful city mounted on a tram from before.

If you fancy the experience, you will find many cities where the tram has become all a symbol, and are no longer conceived without it. In Europe or the United States, we tell you which are the most beautiful cities to visit by tram.

Old ... but very today

One of my favorites, and which also has a very tourist tram network, is Lisbon. They were inaugurated there at the beginning of the 20th century and have become the means of locomotion for tourists par excellence. Of the five available lines, the No. 28 It is the most special and famous, and will take you from the Castelo de San Jorge to the Bairro Alto, passing through some of the most beautiful Lisbon monuments. Do not miss it.

Milan It is another of the cities in which the tram is a symbol. It was established in 1875 and today the line 20 attracts many tourists. Like in Geneva, which celebrated the 150th anniversary of trams in 2012. Or in St. Petersburg, where trams, which began operating in 1860, have been declared World Heritage by Unesco.

On the other side of the pond, in the United States, we cannot fail to mention San Francisco, whose trams we have seen ad nauseam in the cinema and television. They cross the city gliding through its steep streets and providing tourists with one of the most secluded means of knowing and enjoying a place that is wonderful.

And if you are thinking of traveling to Melbourne, Australia, you cannot miss the City Circle Tram; a vintage tram that offers an interesting tour, with stops at places of interest. All an icon.

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