Mount Fuji, the highest peak in Japan

It has no less than 3,776 meters of altitude, which makes it the highest mountain from Japan, but it is also a whole symbol. Although you have never been to the Japanese country, you will have seen it millions of times in cinema, television, literature and other artistic manifestations, as it is one of the most famous Japanese treasures.

To visit it, you will have to travel to the very center of Japan, specifically to the Shizuoka and Yamanashi regions, west of Tokyo. Mount Fuji is one of the essential visits that you cannot miss if you travel to Japan, so do not forget to include it in your activities program.

The paradise for climbing lovers

Mount Fuji, as we have already said the highest in Japan, is actually a volcano It is also considered active although it has little risk of eruption. Since ancient times it has been considered a sacred place and especially in the Japanese culture and many Japanese consider that climbing it is something they must do before dying. Precisely the mountaineering It is what attracts thousands of tourists to Fuji, especially in summer (in winter the mountain is covered with snow and conditions worsen quite a bit, and also the difficulty of the adventure).

To see it in all its splendor, it is best to do it from one of the nearby towns (if the day is clear you can even see it from Tokyo). There are many companies (and also hotels) that will offer you excursions organized to Mount Fuji and its surroundings.
Even the Japanese often go there in the summer. In the week call Obon (in August), thousands of Japanese ascend Mount Fuji in procession to commemorate their ancestors, in a kind of annual pilgrimage.

CLIMBING MOUNT FUJI | The Tallest Mountain in Japan (June 2022)

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