Shopping in Tokyo

Even though Japan is not what is called a cheap place to to buyYou will not be able to leave there empty-handed. So if you are going to visit the country, allocate part of your budget for this purpose. Once there, you will realize that you were not wrong.

In Japan, and also in Tokyo, it is surprising how shop assistants and staff they treat the customer, especially if you are a foreigner. They greet you warmly, they thank you for the visit even if you don't buy anything… It is quite curious. But do you really know what is worth buying in Tokyo? We will tell you.

Electronics, the most sought after by tourists

Traveling to Japan is an experience and any practical advice will be very useful. When buying, the offer is so enormous and the variety of products that can be found in Tokyo that are difficult to decide. All stores open at street level and expose their merchandise almost on the sidewalk (there are hardly any robberies). In addition, shops are open on weekends and until late at night. There the client commands.

Depending on what you want to buy you will have to visit one or another area of ​​the city. Most tourists want to take an electronic toy, especially digital cameras. You will have to visit, in that case, the Electric Town from Akihabara, where there are small shops (with better prices) and department stores. Make sure that what you buy has an international guarantee and that the software and instructions are in Spanish.

If you want to buy typical objects such as japanese dolls (ningyo), tissue paper umbrellas (kasa), katanas, japanese paper (washi), pottery or a kimono, then you should go to the street market Nakamise, in Asakusa.

To buy fashion, you have several options: visit Omotesting Y Ginza, the most exclusive area of ​​Tokyo, with the most luxurious stores; to visit Shibuyawhere there are thousands of stores and malls, like the famous Shibuya 109, full of fashion victims; or visit the street Takeshita dori, where you will find the most extravagant fashion.


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