The cities with the most restaurants with three Michelin stars

The gastronomy It is, without a doubt, one of the decisive incentives when one plans to visit a city. In addition to monuments, places of cultural interest or its architectural or natural treasures, good food is another factor that will make us decide which destination to choose for our vacation.

For this reason, because gastronomic tourism continues to be current, today I would like to tell you about the cities, internationally, that have more restaurants awarded with the famous and distinguished Michelin stars.

Asia in the lead

Of the five continents, Asia is the one with the most restaurants starry It has, and is that Japan is a key destination when it comes to attracting tourists interested in gastronomy. Japanese cuisine, with its particular way of cooking fish, is one of the most recognized in the world. Only in Tokyo there are no less than 16 establishments with three Michelin stars, although there are also Osaka Y Kyoto they own five and seven of these restaurants respectively.

But there are other cities that you can visit if you want to enjoy new flavors. As we already told you in Hard Hobbit To Break, NY, in addition to everything it offers at a tourist level (which is a lot), it is one of the enclaves with the most Michelin stars. It currently has five restaurants awarded three stars. Another powerful reason to escape to the Big Apple.

On the European continent

Already in Europe, you will also find very special destinations. From the capital of Light, the always appetizing Paris (with 10 star-studded restaurants), up to London, going by WitchesThey are cities that promise you to live a gastronomic experience.

And if you want to eat luxury (in one of these renowned establishments) without leaving Spain, Saint Sebastian is your city. There you can visit the restaurant of Martin Berasategui, Akelarre (by Pedro Subijana) and Arzak, all with three of the prestigious stars.

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