The Ta Prohm Temple in Cambodia

One of the most magical and mysterious places in the world is in Cambodia. Is he Ta Prohm temple, which belongs to the Angkor archaeological complex. Located near the city of Siem Reap, it is a very special corner lost in the middle of the jungle.

It is an ancient buddhist monastery dating from the twelfth century. It was the center of the Khmer civilization, in whose domains more than 3,000 villages were established. In time the Khmer empire disappeared and the temple was abandoned. Since then, the vegetation has been closing it and slowly embracing it until it becomes the magical and special place it is today.

In a magical state of neglect

He has forgotten from the XV century and, from that moment, the powerful nature has gone conquering it little by little. The gnarled estate The silk cotton trees (bombax) have embraced the stone of the monastery until creating a unique landscape. So much so, that the Ta Prohm temple was chosen as the setting to record some scenes from the film. tomb Raider, starring Angelina Jolie. It is a curious, special place. Do not miss it if you travel there this summer, and include it in your list of things to see in Cambodia.

The temple is located just over a kilometer from Angkor Thorn. Its central part stands on a small hill, around which five rectangular spaces are distributed that once housed different social structures such as a library, the Casa del Fuego or the Dancers' Hall. There are numerous sculpturesMany of which represent King Jayavarman VII, who had the temple built, and other members of his family.

Already in the 20th century, when the restoration of Angkor began, experts decided leave it as is, so that the power of the nature on human works, although some works were carried out to reinforce and preserve its structure.

Ta Prohm’s haunting ruins are also a 1,000-year-old climate change warning (October 2020)

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