The Great Buddha of Leshan in China

Than China it is an amazing country it is something well known to all. Not only for the beauty of its corners, for its millenary culture (so different from ours), for its incredible places brimming with flora and fauna, but also because it hides in its domains some of the most enigmatic of the world.

It is the case of Leshan Great Buddha, a huge statue of the Buddha (the largest in the world) that is carved on a stone wall near the city of Leshan. It dates from the 8th century and is located in a magical place at the confluence of three rivers. Traveling to China has, from today, one more incentive: seeing this huge stone Buddha live and direct.

Colossal proportions

History tells that the statue, declared World Heritage in 1996, it began to be carved to frighten the water demon, and it took no less than 90 years to finish it, which does not seem long if its dimensions are taken into account: it measures 71 meters highThe head measures 15 meters, the ears 7 meters long, and the feet 8 meters.

The Buddha is represented in a posture serene and calm. When you look at this incredible figure, you are struck by the precision and exquisiteness with which it was carved, something that can be seen especially in the details of the face.

Buddhism in China

The Buddha is in the Emeishan mountain, one of the four holy places of Buddhism in China. This religion, which was introduced in the country around the 1st century, has left an outstanding cultural heritage and artistic, sample of which is this colossal stone statue.

To get to Emeishan Mountain you can do it by train Although, once at the station, you will have to walk 10 kilometers to the place where the Buddha is. Another option is to travel there by bus or car.

Leshan Giant Buddha, Sichuan, China in 4K (Ultra HD) (September 2023)

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