Lauterbrunnen, the valley of 72 waterfalls

It is one of the most impressive valleys of the Swiss Alps, a place surrounded by mountains, green meadows and towering rocky walls. It is Lauterbrunnental, the valley of the 72 waterfalls, which were declared Natural monument by UnescoSuch was her beauty. Without a doubt, it is the perfect destination for your summer holidays if you are passionate about the mountains.

In this remote place, which at the same time attracts many tourists, one seems to meet Heidi and her grandfather at every step, as it is the ideal setting to develop that story from our childhood. Alpine meadows, towering peaks and quiet mountain villages (some of them cannot be accessed by car). If you want to disconnect from the madding crowd, enjoy nature and go hiking, you have found your dream place.

The hiker's paradise

The Swiss Lauterbrunnental valley has some 15 kilometers long and it is located in the Jungfrau region. Two high vertical rocky walls delimit it, and from them emerge no less than 72 waterfalls, some really impressive.

If you decide to visit the place, you have to know that the area is perfectly prepared for tourism ... in summer. In winter things change. In the four villages of the valley (Lauterbrunnen, Stechelberg, Wengen and Mürren) you will find a wide range of hotels, restaurants and even two campsites.

Reach Lauterbrunnen, the largest town in the valley and the one in the lowest area, is possible by road, making it the starting point of the trip. From there a whole world to discover opens up before us, dominated by the spectacular scenery. Stechelberg, although a little higher, it is also in the lower part of the valley. From it, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the rocky cliffs and waterfalls. You can also start routes to the high mountain meadows.

The other two little towns in the valley, Wengen Y MürrenThey have a special charm, since it is impossible to reach them by car. Touristy, but quiet, and very special. From Wengen you can walk up to the viewpoint of Männlichen (at 2,227 m. altitude), which can also be reached by cable car. Another cable car leaves the center of the town of Mürren that goes up to the Schilthorn lookout (2,960 m.). Climbing is quite an experience, especially to enjoy the impressive view, but if you decide to take warm clothing, you will need it.

A Guide To Lauterbrunnen Valley | Switzerland | The Valley of 72 Waterfalls (October 2022)

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