Amsterdam canals turn 400

Without a doubt, they are one of the most badges and that best define the city. An intricate water channel network that make up the very essence of Amsterdam, that organize its architecture and urban planning, and that are also responsible for the rhythm of daily life itself.

In this blog we already took a walk along the canals of Amsterdam a while ago. Now we are going to talk about them again, since this year the 400th anniversary of its creation and the city celebrates it in style. If you are thinking of traveling to Amsterdam, you can participate in any of the activities, especially exhibitions, that have been organized for the occasion. We tell you the most important.

Life marked by channels

The center of Amsterdam is deeply marked by the existence of the canal ring, formed by the four waterways most important in the city: Singel, Herengracht, Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht. Such is their beauty and that of the houses that flank them that they were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2010.

The first channels were built to fulfill a defensive function, and also to manage water. However, as the city grew and the channels remained within it, they began to be used for the merchandise transports, its decisive function.

The project to expand the canal network began in the year 1613 and when it ended, around 1663, Amsterdam had one of the best navigable channel networks of the world. In the 18th century, the city experienced a true commercial and cultural boom. A Golden age which has been reflected in the architecture of the houses located on the edge of the canals.

In tribute to the water maze

The city turns this year in commemoration of the anniversary of the channels and, especially, the museums of the city they organize exhibitions that are worth visiting. For example, in the Rembrandt House Museum you can see the exhibition until the end of May Along the canals of Amsterdam, a complete selection of views of the city from the 17th and 20th centuries.

In the Van Loon Museum you will see The ideal channel, which compiles the designs of Adriaan Dortsman, architect of the Golden Age. Another interesting exhibition is the one that has been jointly organized by several museums along the canals: Canal District Life: Real Life Stories.

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