La Alberca, a town to get lost in Salamanca

She is the pretty girl of the province, for her special and beautiful rural architecture that gives it a touch like a postcard setting, typical and very beautiful. In fact, the Playa Mayor, surrounded by old stone houses with wooden beams and balconies full of flowers, is one of the best-known images of the place. It is not surprising that the residents of the town strive to keep it beautiful and clean, always ready to receive the visitor.

For all its treasures, it's worth getting close to The swimming pool. A town with history, typical where they exist, and that summarizes in any of its corners the essence of Salamanca land in which it is located. Its beauty and charm is beyond doubt, as evidenced by the fact that it has been chosen, on more than 20 occasions, as the setting for motion pictures.

Flavored corners

The cobbled streets of La Alberca guide you through the heart of a town where Arabs, Jews and Christians lived together. Or also to great stone houses with shields that show a piece of the history of Spain: that of the Inquisition or that of the Order of Santiago.

The Main Square It is perhaps one of the greatest treasures of La Alberca. When you visit the town, you cross it several times, and you cannot stop admiring it. In it you will find a good offer of restaurants where you will discover the charm of eating in the Sierra de Francia.

You can also buy the best crafts of the area in La Alberca, where you will find many very interesting shops. Ceramics, embroidery and typical wooden objects are the most sought after. You can also visit the Albercano Typical Costume Museum, to discover the textile crafts and the wealth of the customs of the town.

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  • La Alberca, Salamanca
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