Dublin surroundings

Spring is a perfect time for travel to Ireland. In fact, if you decide to discover this beautiful country in the coming weeks, you will attend a spectacular landscape. The exploration of the spring season makes the green earth Irish is even more lush, fresher and wilder, if possible.

Besides the wonderful natural environmentIreland has a lot to offer. How Dublin, the capital, a city where you will find a little bit of everything: historical buildings, secluded streets and squares, interesting monuments and, of course, typical pubs where you can have a good time. But today I wanted to tell you about the surroundings Dublin, where incredible places are hidden. If you have time, do not hesitate and start exploring the Dublin environment. It will be worth it.

Wicklow, the magic mountains

They are very close to Dublin and are one of the most recommended places in the area, not only for the natural beauty that the steep crags and the rocky cliffs that dominate them, or the shady forests that abound among the mountains, but also because of the interesting places they hide.

Like the Powerscourt Gardens, which are said to be the most beautiful in Ireland. They rise at the foot of a mountain and you can visit them every day until nightfall. There you will find an incredible sample of ornamental gardens, among other botanical riches.

Glendalough Monastery

But if you are looking for a magical place around Dublin, you will certainly find it in the ruins of the Glendalough Monastery, hidden in the valley of the two lakes, also in the Wicklow Mountains. It was founded in the 6th century, although most of its buildings were built between the 8th and 12th centuries. It is worth visiting just to contemplate the wonderful environment that embraces the monastery, although it is also an incentive to see the archaeological jewels preserved there: remains of old churches and cathedrals, and even a bronze age tomb.

Dublin, Ireland and surrounding areas in 2 days, July 2017 (April 2021)

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