The most crystalline freshwater lake in the world

It is a wonder of nature. A place of special beauty that we should all be able to see with our own eyes. The McKenzie Lake It is in Australia, specifically on the paradisiacal Fraser Island, and its incredibly transparent waters have made it the most crystalline lake in the world.

So it was declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1992. It is the dream place for an unforgettable vacation, so if you still don't have a destination for this summer, you have time to organize a trip to discover this remote corner of the world.

A natural paradise

Fraser Island It is the largest sand island on the planet, with its 1,840 square kilometers. Beautiful, paradisiacal and famous for its wonderful beaches (some of them have been classified as the best beaches in the world according to National Geographic), and for the large number of lakes it has, no less than a hundred, of which Lake McKenzie is the most visited by the tourists who get there.

It is a lagoon that has an extension of 150 hectares, and about 5 meters deep. It is found in a stunning place, at about 100 meters of altitude. To get there, you have to travel in 4X4, driving on sandy roads that cross tropical forests. Once you arrive at the place, the vision of the lake leaves you speechless. Their crystalline waters they are something unique. The reason they are so clear is because the bottom of the lake is sandy silica, white and fine, which acts as if it were a filter, so the water remains very clear. Furthermore, Lake McKenzie is supplied only by rainwater, as it has no underground source and no stream flows into it.

Despite being on the other side of the world, if you decide to visit this lake with fresh and transparent waters, you will surely not be disappointed. A natural wonder In all rules.

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