This is how New York looks from the One World Trade Center

It is not necessary to have an apex of vertigo to work in the construction of the One World Trade Center, especially if you have to assemble the last pieces of this building that has just become the tallest in the west. This privilege had been lost by the city of NY because of the attack of September 11, 2001 against the Twin Towers.

Measure 541.3 meters high and it has a silver spiral antenna 124 meters high and more than 700 tons of weight that is capable of emitting a led light very powerful (over 288,000 lumens). Therefore it is not surprising that it can be seen from several kilometers away.

The safest in the world

Its construction began in April 2006 in the famous "Zero zone". It is one of the safest in the world and they say it has cost 3,000 million euros. 70-ton steel beams support the structure, while the crystals are armored against explosions so that the fateful attack is not repeated.

I leave you with a video in which you can see New York from the One World Trade Center, the new tourist attraction of the city of skyscrapers.

One World Trade Center : New York Travel Guide (April 2024)

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