The spectacular Hidden Beach in the Marietas Islands

There are places that make you fall in love as soon as you see them, and that is what has happened to me with this beach, one of the many Mexican natural wonders and that gives off incredible magic. It's about the Hidden Beach, a small beach that is in the Marietas Islands, a small archipelago formed by two small islands and two islets that are within walking distance of Puerto Vallarta, one of the best known Mexican destinations.

The surroundings of this beach are one of the most visited places by all the tourists who are in the region, since once there you can climb the many rocks that surround it. Bathing in it or accessing its sand is another thing, since in order to do it you will have to ask for a special permission, something logical since if there were a lot of influx the environment and the beach itself would be damaged quite a bit.

How to visit it

The mexican government It allows some tourist companies to organize tours in order to visit it, but very few are granted a year to preserve this paradise in perfect condition. If you are going to be in the Puerto Vallarta area, it is worth trying to get a tour that allows you to visit it, or at least get close to the area to see it as closely as possible.

Marietas Islands

The most attractive of these islands are their spectacular beaches, all of them great tourist attractions and that you can visit without problems, except in the case of Playa Escondida. These islands and islets were created in a natural way, which makes the landscape much more amazing, any of them being a true wonder and totally worth visiting.

Impressive Beach, Marietas Islands and the Hidden Beach, close to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico (December 2021)

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