The best national parks in Honduras

One of the great attractions that you can find in Honduras It is the great beauty of its natural landscapes, especially that which is in its many National Parks, spectacular places with incredible magic. These natural spaces are visited by thousands of people every year, and there are so many that the truth is that you have a wide variety to choose from and wherever you go some will be nearby.

Among the many Honduran parks that have deserved to become a National Park, I would like to highlight the three that are most successful and that are definitely worth visiting if you are going to be in this country. Many of them span several municipalitiesSo I'm sure that some small part you can visit to at least not leave without being somewhere.

Comayagua National Park

It is in the center of the country and extends through the municipalities of San Jerónimo, Esquías and Comayagua, covering more than 30,000 hectares. It is one of the most famous in Honduras, especially for the peaks you can climb, such as La Choca, El Portillo or Río Oscuro. There is a biodiversity very interesting, highlighting bird species such as toucans, mammals such as weasels or trees such as pines.

Sierra de Agalta National Park

It's in Olancho and it has more than 600 square kilometers of extension, with forests plagued with tropical conifers and a great variety of wild animals. It's a five-hour drive from Tegucigalpa, the country's capital, and it's definitely worth the trip. One of its great attractions are the waterfalls that are formed by going down the slopes.

Trifinio National Park

It's in Metapan, just 117 from El Salvador. Here is the famous cloud forest in which temperatures are between 6 and 18ºC. There are several trails that will take you through the different parts of the park, three of them being the most important and that you can walk with a guide so as not to miss a single detail. There is a camping and picnic area, so it is the perfect place to spend a whole day or even a night. One of the great attractions of this park is that there are trees with more than 700 years of antiquity.

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