The best parks in Madrid

Madrid It is a fascinating city where you can discover a lot of wonderful places, both in terms of monuments or buildings and green and natural spaces. Despite being a city with a lot of bustle, a lot of stress and many buildings, it is also a city where there are many parksThey are all fantastic for breathing fresh air and relaxing for a few hours.

Today I would like to make a short summary of the best parks in Madrid, or at least some of the best, since they are many and if I put them all the article would be exhausting. I have been to some of them and the truth is that it is worth going there.

Good retirement park

It is the most famous and spectacular park in the capital, the true lung of the city thanks to its more than 100 hectares. There are more than 20,000 ácentennial trees, among which stands out the "sad night tree", a cypress that is 40 meters high. Lots of paths will take you to every corner of the park, and there are also several fountains that are spectacular. On your walk you can also visit the Crystal Palace, the Paseo de las Estatuas or take a boat trip in your pond.

Royal Botanical Garden

If you like botany, it is mandatory that you go see this place if you are going to be in Madrid. With more than 250 years of history, it has more than 5,000 plant species and a herbarium with more than a million sheets. A garden with a lot of magic and where you can get to know a lot of curiosities about different plant species.


Another perfect place to go for a walk, especially if you like sports. There you will be able to take a bike ride, jump in a free fall or go canoeing. You will also see a panda bear and enjoy a unique view of the city from above. Its cultural offer is also very wide, with exhibitions on various topics that are very interesting.

Capricho Park

Perfect for romantics thanks to its french styleBesides, it is one of the least known parks, so it is not as busy as the previous ones. On your walk you will see a palace, a pond or a labyrinth, which will make it a very interesting experience.

The BEST PARK in MADRID, Spain (July 2024)

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