Colossal Mammoth, the largest cave in the world

Colossal Mammoth It is a spectacular cave that is within a national park, the Mammoth Cave Park, in the state of Kentucky. It is the largest cave in the world thanks to its more than 650 kilometers of underground extension, without a doubt some amazing data. A national park was created around the cave to protect it, and a large part is made up of limestone that is distributed in different passageways that look like a labyrinth.

In its main gallery It is where the tour begins to learn about the history of the cave, which was a refuge for many generations of various Native Americans. Very interesting discoveries have been made both in and around the cave, especially in the 19th and 20th centuries, especially mummies that were there before Columbus arrived in America.

Many explorations

At the beginning of the last century, many explorers went into the cave to search for hidden treasures and to be able to create a map with the various galleries. The last one was Floyd collins, who spent no less than 10 years exploring the cave, thanks to which he made some of the most interesting discoveries. Collins passed away in an accident in the cave, which is why the national park was created so that something like this would not happen again.

Visit the cave

In order to visit the cave you can choose one of the tours offered by the national park, the most basic being one that goes through the main galleries and shows the main discoveries. Tours usually last between one and six hours. One of the best tours It is the one that is made with the illumination only of paraffin lamps, which makes it a much more authentic experience.

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