The best nudist beaches in Fuerteventura

A few days ago I wrote an article about the best nudist beaches in Gran Canaria, and today I would like to continue on that path but focusing on those of Fuerteventura, another Canary Island and which is also in the province of Las Palmas. Both islands are very interesting and are only 5-6 hours away by boat, which is about 40 minutes by plane.

Fuerteventura is a spectacular island, an island with amazing beaches and that it is not yet as built or overcrowded as the others, so it is a perfect destination if you are looking for tranquility. There you will also find many nude beaches, or "normal" beaches where nudism is allowed. Take note of the most interesting:

Sotavento beach

It is a beach with some 11 kilometers long and almost one wide in some areas. It is in Jandía and in it there is an area in which two impressive dunes are formed that make the beach divide into three parts. A fine golden sand beach, with calm but windy waters. I have been in it and the truth is that it seems that you are the only person who is on the beach, since it is so big that you will always find an area that offers you privacy.

El Cofete Beach

It is in Morro Jable and measures almost 14 kilometers long, with fine golden sand. It is a windy beach with strong waves, which makes bathing in it very dangerous. When there are more people it is at Easter and in summer, but even so their occupation is low. It is surrounded by the Jandía Crestería, a spectacular mountain system, and far from any population. It has no service.

Ajuy beach

It is a nudist beach that barely reaches 300 meters in length, being made up of black sand, stones and gravel. It is also very windy and has strong waves, but the beauty of its surroundings makes it perfect, thanks in part to the fact that it is surrounded by cliffs and arid terrain with little vegetation. Although it is far from any municipality, there are restaurants and some other services.

Castillo Beach

It is a virgin beach of almost 200 meters in length that is in The olive, formed by golden sand, stones and gravel. It is also windy (like 90% of the island's beaches), and with strong waves. Its occupation is low and it is surrounded by arid terrain without vegetation. It has no service.

Charcón beach

Other virgin beach, in this case 325 meters long and in Corralejo. It is of white sand, stones and gravel, with calm but windy waters. Its occupation is low and it does not have services either, although it is very quiet thanks to being far from any population.

Corralejo beach

Spectacular beach of 8 kilometers long and almost 3 wide, better known as «Las Dunas de Corralejo». Although it is a single beach, each section receives different names, as if there were many small beaches scattered along the coast instead of just one. The surf is moderate and there is also a lot of arid terrain with little vegetation. In some areas there are beach bars and restaurants.

The best beaches to practice nudism in Fuerteventura (May 2022)

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