Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca stretches across lands of Bolivia and Peru at about 3,800 meters high. It is the highest lake on the planet and one of the most beautiful places in the world. And there is the Sun `s Island, a wonder of nature that was a sanctuary for the virgins dedicated to the Inca god of the Sun.

If you get there, you can visit some of the enclaves archaeological most interesting of the Inca civilization, located in the northern part of the island. Quite an adventure.

Walk on the island of the Sun

Getting there is not what is said to be complicated, despite the additional effort imposed by the altitude of the place. If Lake Titicaca is itself a place of great beauty, the Isla del Sol becomes a wonderful gem.

Once on the island, the journey that will take you to discover its treasures can be done easily in one day. It is not excessively long, although as we have already said the altitude and the scorching sun complicate the journey a bit. But it will be worth it: from the Pilkokaina Palace and the maze or Chinkana You will have the best views of the lake.

An adventure in the middle of nature

Upon arrival at the archaeological site of Challapampa you will have to pay a ticket. The amount is irrelevant to us, but that money helps support the communities that today inhabit the island, originally Quechua Y aymara. In addition to tourism, these populations are engaged in fishing and agriculture.

The Isla del Sol route runs through the highest part of the island, giving you incredible landscapes. The goal is to achieve Yumani staircase, of Inca origin, which rises from the level of the lake to the highest part where you will find a water source dating from pre-Columbian times. Is this trip an adventure or not?

Isla del Sol & Lake Titicaca, Bolivia in HD (May 2023)

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