Reykjavik, perfect for winter travel

It seems a contradiction to say that winter is a good time to travel to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, given the extreme temperatures that records at this time of year. However, it is a city prepared for the cold, which has many things to offer also now, such as its many thermal water pools.

Well equipped to fight against low temperatures, the wonderful icelandic nature It is another reason why it is worth traveling to Reykjavik. That without counting that, in winter, you can contemplate the Northern Lights, which stains the firmament with spectacular flashes of green. Quite an experience.

Thermal pools for relaxation

Reykjavik is located to the southeast of the island, and is the northernmost capital of Europe. A destination that usually scares tourists, due to the freezing winter temperatures. However, if you overcome those fears and dare to meet her at this time of year, you will discover real treasures.

Like its more than 126 public swimming pools in hot Springs in which to relax and fight the cold. They are also very healthy for the body, so enjoying any of them is a must. So don't forget to put the swimsuit in the suitcase. If you like the thermal experience, about 47 kilometers from Reykjavik is the Blue Lagoon, a spa in the Arctic that we already talked about in this blog.

A living city

Reykjavik city is lively and bustling, since about half of Iceland's population lives in it. Among the most outstanding monuments that you cannot miss is the Hallsgrimkirkja church, the National Museum (which reviews the complete history of the country) and Culture House (where you can learn all the Icelandic myths and legends).

Iceland for First-Timers Winter Edition (Things to do & See!) (May 2021)

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