Traveling to Volendam in the Netherlands

Volendam It is one of the most beautiful cities in Holland, and not because I say so, but in the country itself they promote it like this. For example, at Amsterdam Central Station it says the same thing on a sign, and it is that seeing how it is there is no doubt that it is a beautiful place with a lot of charm. It coincides with many other Dutch cities in having many colorful houses in front of the port, and also highlights the green of its landscapes and how interesting almost anything you see on its streets is.

It is about 25 kilometers to the north of amsterdamSo if you are going to be in the capital you should reserve a day to make a getaway to Volendam, it will be worth it for sure. By bus it is a journey that is around 40 minutes, so it is not long and the reward is to know a fascinating place. The most striking thing about this city is its great color, which combines wonder with the sun that is there almost all year round.


It is the most attractive of the city thanks to the color of its little houses, and it is also the liveliest area from the city. It is one of the most important Dutch ports thanks to herring fishing, and in front of almost all the houses there are moored boats, which gives rise to a very picturesque landscape. In many of the shops in the port area, clerks wear the costume, which gives much more charm to the place. The port is practically the only interesting thing when you visit Volendam, although the alleys in the rest of the city are beautiful and very charming.


Since you are going to get to Volendam, it is highly recommended to also go to Marken, a small city that is only 6 kilometers away and to which you have to go by boat. The journey is very short but you will find one of the most beautiful cities in the entire country. Between Marken and Volendam there has always been a lot of rivalry in all aspects.

6 Amazing Travel Tips in Volendam, Holland (Secrets outside Amsterdam) (January 2022)

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