Getting around New York

Than NY It is a fascinating, incredible and surprising city, it is something that we all know. For this reason, it receives so many thousands of visitors a year eager to experience first hand the thousand experiences it offers. Maybe because of her fast pace and sparkling, it is still a bit chaotic. So, if you are going to travel soon to the Big Apple, it is important that you get hold of practical information, which will be very useful once you are there.

And in that sense, one of the chapters is the one to be aware of is the transport. We have all seen the monumental traffic jams in New York a thousand times. So you are recommendations to move around the city pearls will come to you.

The metro, the fastest option

New York offers a endless framework of metro, bus and train lines, which can be a bit overwhelming at first. But, since there is no other choice but to move by public transport, it is best to study the subject with encouragement and from the beginning.

The New York subwayFor starters, it is one of the largest in the world, with about four and a half million daily commuters. You can take it any day at any time because it never closes, and you have 475 stations and 26 lines. The most complicated thing is that there are two types of wagons: local (which stop at all seasons) and express (which stop every four or five stations). So, depending on where you want to get off, you can take one or the other type.

The famous yellow taxis

The bus It is another alternative to travel around the city, also available 24 hours a day, and with more than 200 routes at your disposal. However, it is slower due to heavy traffic.

And the same goes for celebrities New York taxis, a more expensive option and not therefore faster. If you take a taxi, remember that you must pay the taxi driver a 15% of the amount tip race. New York is like this!

What you NEED TO KNOW about getting around NYC | SUBWAY, bus, and car TIPS & COST (September 2023)

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