The tunnel of love in Ukraine

We all know that a tunnel is a man-made construction to be able to establish communication between two points, a place that children love for that reason to pass in a car or train and remain completely in the dark. But not all are simply tunnels, there are some that have become a great Tourist claim due to the curiosity they arouse by being very original.

One of them is called «Tunnel of Love», which is in Ukraine, specifically in a town called Klevan. A romantic tunnel that is in the middle of a beautiful natural setting and that is three kilometers long. Although in part it is built by man, nature also has a lot to do, and it is that you only have to observe the amount of green that forms it.

A special tunnel

It is called «Tunnel of Love» because of its romantic surroundings, surrounded by greenery and with trees on both sides of the track, which makes passing there on the train truly special. So much so, that it has become one of the most viewed attractions in the country, and many people make the journey by train only to be able to pass through this tunnel. In addition, you can walk, and many couples choose it to ask for marriageAlthough you have to be careful not to be there when the train passes (it happens three times a day).

Spring and love

The best time to visit it is spring since it is when the trees and all the vegetation reach their greatest splendor, turning the tunnel into a real sight to behold. According to legend, couples who visit it must make a wish as they walk through it, and if your love is truly sincere, it will come true. Without a doubt, a surprising and different place, a place where you can take your partner by surprise, will be an unforgettable moment.

Solo Journey to The Tunnel of Love, Ukraine in the Fall (November 2022)

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