20 curiosities about tourism and travel

Do you think you know everything about tourism? Maybe not! What you could be clear at this point is that traveling is a pleasure that we should not deprive ourselves of for anything in the world.

Below I am going to share with you a series of curiosities that you will be happy to know, since all of them are related to that spirit wanderlust that pushes us to discover new countries and new cultures.

1- Traveling is beneficial for the brain and the heart

It is proven that when we travel we relax. Stress levels drop because we forget about day-to-day problems, which is obviously good for both the brain and the heart.

2- A good antidepressant

People suffering from depression should travel to solve their psychological problems, since there are studies that show that seeing the world positively affects in our state of mind.


3- Traveling will make you happier than material goods

Are you sure you want that iPhone that will cost you more than 1,000 euros? Think about how good you could have it next summer with that money on your vacation.

4- Traveling encourages creativity

Always being locked in the same environment is not something that stimulates our mind. Travel, like so many artists They used to do in the past for inspiration, helps foster creativity.

5- France is the most visited country in the world

It surpasses other greats of tourism such as the United States, Thailand, the United Kingdom or Russia.


6- Russia is a lung

Russia, which is the largest country on the planet, has the privilege of being the most oxygen produces worldwide.

7- Canada is a land of lakes

In no other country are there as many lakes as in Canada.

8- Monaco is smaller than you can imagine

The Principality of Monaco is so small that its surface does not even equal that of the famous Central park from New York. In fact, it is the second smallest country in the world (Vatican City is smallest).


9- Libya is a desert country

I don't say it, the data says it. The 99% Libyan territory is desert. Normal that it is one of the hottest countries in the world.

10- Niger is a young country

The youngest of all if we stick to the age of its inhabitants. This is so because many people are born each year, but also because life expectancy is very short.

11- The busiest airport is in the United States

The Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Atlanta is the one that receives more air traffic than there is in the world.


12- The Trevi Fountain is a solidarity monument

All the money thrown into the source does not stay there, but is collected every night to be delivered to non-profit organizations for charitable purposes.

13- The hotel with the most capacity is in Russia

It is the Izmailovo Hotel and it is in Moscow. It has the capacity to 3,500 people thanks to its 2,000 rooms.

14- An endless flight

The longest non-stop flight in the world is the one that goes from Singapore to Newark (New Jersey). There are about 19 hours of flight operated by Singapore Airlines (SIA).


15- A seen and unseen flight

In contrast to what was mentioned in the previous point, Scotland can take the shortest flight in the world. They are just two minutes connecting the island of Westray with that of Papa Westray, in a shorter journey than Edinburgh Airport.

16- The country with the lowest population density

This is Mongolia, where they live 1.99 inhabitants for every square kilometer. Nothing to do with that of India, which is 377.6 inhabitants for every square kilometer.

17- The most visited city in the world

That privilege belongs to Hong Kong, since in 2017 it received the visit of 26 million tourists. Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona are the only two Spanish cities that appear in the Top 20, specifically in sixteenth and seventeenth position respectively.


18- In Poland they are very religious

We knew this from other places such as Brazil, but it is surprising that in Poland almost 90% of the population declare themselves religious. In other nearby places, such as the United Kingdom, this percentage barely reaches 30%.

19- Happy birthday in flight

You can taste a birthday cake in mid-flight if it is your anniversary and you fly with Emirates. Quite a detail, right?

20- There is no more plural country than Mexico

I say this more than anything for the 68 official languages ​​that coexist in peace and harmony.

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