Practical tips for traveling to Tokyo

Japan in general, and Tokyo in particular, are dream destinations for any traveler. An unknown and surprising culture, a different aesthetic, incredible landscapes ... If you have thought travel to tokyo in the coming months, you need practical information to facilitate your stay there.

When you arrive in Tokyo, you feel the impact of cultural change in all its magnitude. It is something that goes beyond the fact that the Japanese have different customs from ours. It is that everything is different there: relations between people are different, and also the rules of coexistence. Here are some helpful tips so you can fully enjoy your stay in Tokyo.

Overcome the language barrier

To start the first test that you will have to pass is the idiomatic. The language It will be the first stumbling block to overcome, since most Japanese they do not speak English, which is the language that we usually speak when we go abroad and in which we communicate with the rest of the world's inhabitants. However, the English you have been able to learn will not do you much good in Tokyo, although in the tourist places you can communicate with patience and some effort. It is a good idea to learn a word in Japanese to be able to talk to people at street level.

The theme of silence it is also important for the Japanese. They are used to not making much noise when moving around the city. So be careful with the screams and the volume of your conversations. In addition, using public telephones is prohibited on public transport.

Get around town

In Tokyo people greet each other with a slight tilt of the head. They do not shake hands, much less kiss. Keep this in mind if you want to like new friends you make there from the beginning.

If you have to take a taxi (note that it is quite expensive there) bring the address written on a paper, in Japanese. Taxi drivers speak only that language. Catch the meter It is the fastest and most effective way to get around the city, yes, avoiding rush hours, when the professional pushers you have surely heard of come into action. A curiosity: there are exclusive cars for women to avoid possible abuse.

Japan travel guide - tips and tricks (September 2020)

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