The most luxurious VIP lounges at airports

In many occasions, it is necessary to pass in the airports longer than desired and expected, which makes waiting rooms increasingly important. That makes airport lounges more and more luxurious, with companies doing everything in their power to offer their travelers the best possible comfort while waiting for their flights to depart.

The VIP loungesTherefore, they are from each company, there is no specific VIP room, but there are many, so choosing the best ones seems difficult. Still, I have compiled a small compilation of some of the best at some airports around the world.

Heathrow airport

London's main airport has a multitude of VIP lounges where you can relax even for hours. Rooms with pool, armchairs, lounges, bars, spas, hairdressers and even bed areas. You will be so comfortable that you will feel sorry for the time of your flight.

Sydney International Airport

This Australian airport also has spectacular VIP lounges, some surrounded by vertical gardens and with leather armchairs, marble or wooden floors and walls, bars, restaurants ... Nothing to do with what you will find in rooms that are "for all mortals".

Baraja's airport

Madrid is the only Spanish airport that is on the list, and that is that in its VIP lounges there are even very comfortable beds for those who have to spend several hours waiting. In addition, there is also mountain views and even a varied wine list in one of the bars.

Suvarnabhumi airport

This Bangkok airport also has some of the most spectacular lounges in the world. Suede sofas, exotic decoration, silk cushions, beds ... more than an airport VIP room, it looks like a hotel. Some also have showers and even a spa.

Dubai airport

Like everything in Dubai, there is no lack of luxurious detail in any of its VIP rooms. Showers, a small spa with massage services, sofas, beds, restaurant, bars ... A wonder.

The World's MOST LUXURIOUS VIP Terminal (September 2023)

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