Essential visits in Lisbon

When organizing a trip to any place, a list is always made with the essential places that you want to visit, either because they are the most typical or because they have some special meaning for you. Not everyone considers the same places essential, although it is clear that each city has its things to visit "yes or yes".

Today I would like to recommend you some of the most interesting places in LisbonThose places that without a doubt you have to go visit if you are in the Portuguese capital. Take note of what you can not stop visiting:

Elevator of Santa Justa

An elevator built entirely in iron and that when it leaves you in the highest part you have some spectacular views from the city. A very special place to see the city from above, unmissable if you like panoramic views and if you are a photography lover since from there you will take spectacular photos.

Sé Cathedral

cathedral of se
The Lisbon Cathedral It is spectacular, and it is worth visiting even if you do not go much for religious buildings and monuments. Its wonderful architecture reveals the history of the city within its walls. It is more than 800 years old and was rebuilt several times due to several earthquakes that devastated the city many years ago.


That's the name of the famous yellow tram that runs through some of the streets of the city. It is a tram from before, of which there are not many left in the world, so you should take a short trip on it, however short it may be. Remarkable the two kilometers it passes over the Tagus River, a wonder to behold.

Belem's tower

It's one of the great monuments from the city, and it is worth visiting both day and night since it offers two totally different perspectives.

Fernando Pessoa Museum

It is the house museum by Fernando Pessoa, the greatest poet and writer in Portugal and one of the greatest in Europe. There you will find his house as he lived in it, with his personal objects, clothing and decorative elements.

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