Gijón in one day

The cities of the Cantabrian coast Spanish are very beautiful. From the smallest towns to the dynamic capitals, all of them have the charm of the coastal places, the beaches and that marine flavor that none has lost over the years. One of the most interesting capitals for many reasons (tourist and cultural) is without a doubt Gijón, that in addition to being a city full of life, it is also a very comfortable city whose most interesting points can be covered in a single day.

Anyway, let it be clear to you that to get to know this beautiful villa Asturian is imposed a getaway of two, three or even more days, in which you can also get to know the surroundings From the capital.

Beaches and promenade

We can start our ride on La Escalerona, a great staircase from the beginning of the 20th century that is on the San Lorenzo beach. In this place there is a tourist information kiosk, perfect to get information and a map. We can also enjoy the great beach, which the people of Gijón know as La Playona. Throughout this beach we can follow the Paseo del Muro, It departs from the Church of San Pedro and reaches the Cervigón path: this route leads to other smaller beaches, but full of charm, such as Rinconín.

The Cimadevilla neighborhood

In the old part of the city, the Plaza de Jovellanos boasts the Jovellanos Birthplace Museum, a fundamental figure in the development of the city. This place is part of the Cimadevilla neighborhood, full of seafaring charm and the best place to have some sidriñas at noon or after sunset, with fantastic views of Poniente Beach. At this point there is also a very interesting place to visit: the Roman terms. Once covered, it is a good time to enjoy a good meal and start the evening journey.

A park on the sea

The Plaza del Marqués, the Revillavigiedo Palace (which currently houses contemporary art exhibitions) and the Collegiate Church of San Juan Bautista are three places that we should not miss: all of them are within a stone's throw, in the old area. Then we can continue strolling through Gijón until we reach the Cerro de Santa Catalina, where the Chillida sculpture "Elogio del Horizonte" stands on a park with magnificent views over the Cantabrian Sea.

One Day in Gijón (Asturias, Spain) / A Short Travel Film Shot w/ the Fuji X-T20 (April 2024)

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