Dive in the Red Sea

The diving lovers they have their own paradises scattered around the world. Places to dive and practice this incredible nautical activity can become an experience. The best destinations for diving in the Caribbean have already been told in this blog. Today we want to tell you about another paradise for divers: the red sea, located between the African and Asian continents.

Among the many attractions that this sea offers for diving is its incredible fish diversity, which exceeds 1,000 different species, and also more than 400 species of corals, some impossible to see in any other corner of the world.

Between fish and coral

The gulfs of Suez Y Aqaba They are north of the Red Sea, a kind of sea tongue that is located between Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Due to its geographical characteristics, the water there is very warm, and since large rivers do not flow there, it is also a water clean and clear. All this favors the formation of coral reefs.

The reefs of the red sea They grow in areas near the coast, making them relatively young reefs. But what is really impressive when diving in this wonderful place on planet Earth is the beauty and great diversity of the fish that can be seen. A vast repertoire of fish typical of the reefs, which live in banks next to the coral, among which the clownfish is the best known, thanks to the movie "Finding Nemo".

Respect the seabed

But, in addition to coral reefs and fish, there are other incentives for divers that encourage them to dive and explore. It's about the sunken shipsLike the "Cedar Pride", a deliberately sunk 74-meter Lebanese ship.

One of the important aspects that every diver should keep in mind is the respect for the seabed. To put it into practice it is important not to touch the bottom, not disturb the fish or feed them and, of course, not damage the corals.

SCUBA diving Egypt Red Sea - UHD 4k (January 2021)

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