The 10 most ultra-rich cities in the world

Hong Kong-skyline
The Ultra Rich World Report (World Ultra Wealth Report), which has been commissioned by Wealth-X, makes it clear that China has a lot of potential. It is true that it only has one representative in the Top 10, but that representative is today the one that houses the largest number of people with great economic power.

The United States is the country that contributes the most cities to the ranking with a total of five, while the European continent is content with two well-known cities. None of them is Spanish, by the way.

1- Hong Kong

Hong Kong-city
This city belonging to China is an ideal place to do business. This explains why it has experienced an ultra-rich growth of 31% to position itself in 10.010, a figure clearly higher than that of the city that occupies the second place.

2- New York

The Big Apple, with all its tourism potential and with the large amount of money it moves thanks to other businesses included in the service sector, registered a growth of 7% to reach the 8.865 ultra rich.

3- Tokyo

The podium is completed by Tokyo, a city that has become the most ultra-rich concentrated on the entire planet. Last year it grew by 11.9% and they are already 6.785 people who have never known that having trouble making ends meet.

4- Los Angeles

The Angels
Being Hollywood one of its districts and having Beverly Hills within walking distance, it is no wonder that there is so much famous and ultra rich in Los Angeles. Last year they grew by 8.6% and are already 5.250 people who consider themselves in that category. It is normal that there are so many luxury stores interested in having a presence there.

5- Paris

It is one of the most visited cities in the world and that leaves a lot of money. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that France is a country with great potential. They demonstrate it 3.950 ultra wealthy who live there, representing an increase of 17.3% which is quite significant.

6- London

When you walk through London you realize that there are no financial problems in those parts. There is a lot of new car and supercars abound. That's something that fits when you know they live there 3.830 ultra rich, 10.1% more than a year ago.

7- Chicago

This other American city has 3.255 ultra-rich, since last year experienced a growth of 7.1%.

8- San Francisco

San Francisco
In San Francisco there are also people with a lot of money. In luxury cars, a total of 2.820 ultra-rich walk their uneven streets thinking about their businesses. Growth was 10.6% and the figure is expected to continue rising in the coming years.

9- Washington DC

As expected, the capital of the United States also appears on this list. There is 2.735 ultra-rich, having produced a 7.7% increase in the last year.

10- Osaka

Another Japanese city closes the list that I honestly did not expect to find around here. In Osaka there are 2.730 ultra rich, 11.7% more than a year ago. That means it could soon overtake Washington DC and San Francisco, which are also below 3,000 and have seen more modest growth.

After this review, what is clear is that there are more and more differences between rich and poor. If the economy is stagnant, why are there more and more ultra-rich?

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10 Of The Richest Cities In The World (September 2023)

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