The caves of Tolantongo in Mexico

On several occasions we have told you in Hard Hobbit To Break about the many interesting destinations it has Mexico, a country that is an inexhaustible source of spectacular places. Today I would like to write about caves of Tolantongo, which are in the municipality of Cardonal, in the center of the country and belonging to the state of Hidalgo. A truly beautiful natural place worth visiting.

The great tourist attraction These caves are from all this area, an incredible paradise that has been created by ecological formations, a totally natural place, which makes it much more beautiful. These caves are in an almost desert area, which makes them even more spectacular, in addition to the fact that they are forming rivers of hot Springs they are wonderful.

Natural wonder

The beauty of the Tolantongo caves is beyond doubt, forming on the outside a big pool that arose naturally and that makes the waters flow from the deepest rock formations. In addition, you can bathe in them, and every day there are many tourists who go there to purify their bodies and relax for a few hours, regardless of whether the weather is good or not since they are warm.


In the grotto area there is a camp, so it is the ideal place to spend at least one night and discover all its beauty calmly. In addition, various activities are organized every day, such as trekking or jump on zip line. It also has a restaurant in a privileged place that shows the best of the Tolantongo landscape, offering the best dishes of crazy gastronomy.

How to get

In order to get to the Tolantongo caves you must follow the route that connects Mexico with Pachuca, which will take you from Mexico DF. to the caves in about four hours. From Ixmiquilpan buses leave every day, although the most comfortable thing is to go by car. There is a parking area, with passes so you can have it parked and safe throughout your stay in the grottos.

Tolantongo Caves Travel Guide: Hidden Treasure of Mexico (A MUST GO PLACE) (September 2021)

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