The most beautiful towns on the Costa Brava

I am lucky to live a few kilometers from Barcelona, ​​which means that the Costa Brava I am not far away. That is why during the summer I take advantage of the good weather to visit some of its most beautiful villages, the truth is that they are not counted on the fingers of one hand, but you have to resort to a pair or three of hands to avoid having the feeling that someone has been left out unfairly.

Whether for a vacation or a simple getaway, I recommend memorizing the towns that I will talk about next, since I assure you that you will leave all of them with a very good taste in your mouth. Shall we start?


"This is the most beautiful place in the world and sometimes you believe it." This is what Salvador Dalí said about one of the most famous towns on the Costa Brava, where he lived for many years and where today it is possible to visit the Salvador Dalí House-Museum located in Platja Portlligat.

Cadaqués has a special charm. It is a fishing village that invites you to visit each and every one of its streets, as well as having beautiful beaches. Of course, do not expect to find fine sand like that of the Caribbean because most are made of stones.

Calella de Palafrugell

It is worth traveling many kilometers to stop at Calella de Palafrugell, where one has the feeling that everything remains intactAs if the eagerness of companies in the tourism sector had not been able to end their origins based on hotels built on the beach. Today, more than one is sure to get a good monthly payment thanks to Airbnb, but the truth is that it is still as authentic as ever, and that is something that is always appreciated even if it is only for a walk and a drink mid-morning.


Extensive beaches and a marked fishing character are characteristics that we always associate with Palamós, which treasures such incredible corners as Cala Castell, Cala Corb, Cala Estreta or S’Alguer. Also, we must not forget that the town is everything a benchmark for gastronomy, since many people decide to visit it for its delicious prawns, which are famous throughout Catalonia.

Tossa de Mar

Just for the Castle of Tossa de Mar it is already worth taking a tour of this other beautiful town on the Costa Brava. Its Vila Vella, which is the old city, has something that catches you from the first minute, although most tourists come for its beaches, which are cold water and cover quite a few steps. It preserves almost the entire perimeter that they built between the 12th and 14th centuries and that is something that you have to know how to appreciate. Normal that in 1950 it was recorded in those parts «Pandora and the Flying Dutchman«, A movie starring Ava Gardner and James Mason.

Platja d’Aro

One does not have the feeling of visiting a town when one arrives at Platja d’Aro, but the truth is that it is a municipality with few inhabitants. In summer it is full of people who not only travel for the attractiveness of its beaches, but also seek shopping. The main street is full of shops that are known all over the world and that always makes for an atmosphere. In addition, there are quality ice cream parlors, cocktail bars and restaurants, such as the famous Llevant, which always fills up despite the fact that the menu costs 25 euros per head, which is no small feat.


If one approaches France, one is obliged to stop in Roses, where we can find a sandy beach which is not like those that are usually common on the Costa Brava. I say this more than anything because it does not cover the first change, but you can walk many meters without the water exceeding the height of your waist. That makes it an ideal place to go to spend the summer with children. On the other hand, and although it is not the most beautiful town on the list IMHO, it concentrates coves of great beauty such as Canyelles Petites, l’Almadrava, Cap Norfeu, Punta Falconera, Jóncols and Montjoi.


To speak of L'Escala is to speak of a 100% sailor town. Although tourism endangers that label, its beautiful old town and fishing tradition continue to prevail, especially when it comes to defending its famous anchovies. Another good plan, apart from eating paellas, seafood and good fish, is to go scuba diving in the Medes Islands, which are quite close.

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