Beach destinations to celebrate the New Year

The Christmas it is always synonymous with warm clothing and cold days and even snow. It is a time of year when many people have vacations and choose destinations to go skiing or visit Lapland and meet Santa Claus or Papa Noel. These are dates when there are many other alternatives to spend a very different Christmas or New Year's Eve. Although it may seem incredible, it is possible to take the nougat and the grapes, ending the year and receiving 2020 in bikini or swimsuit. Where? These are some of the Destinations of beach, or aquatic, to pass heat instead of cold.


As we have mentioned, there are several sun and beach destinations to experience a different Christmas. Among the options are the Azores islands. It really isn't one of the warmest destinations on this list, but they are temperatures plus soft than in other areas.

Within these islands, located in the Atlantic Ocean and about 1,400 kilometers west of Lisbon (Portugal), for example, well worth a visit Terceira, which is characterized by its volcanic landscapes, as well as Sao Miguel, which is the largest in the entire archipelago and that many visitors fall in love with for the Sete Cidades and Fodo lagoons.

Among its charms, it is also worth highlighting the geysers and the hot springs, as well as the volcanic lakes. Without a doubt, a very different experience for a very different end of the year.


Canary Islands

Another option and that is very chosen by many people every year is the Canary Islands. Here the temperature always tends to be pretty warm and, even, it is possible - depending on the dates and the weather - to be able to bathe in some of its beaches.

The truth is that the entire Canary archipelago has a lot of charm and is worth visiting. However, Christmas is an ideal time to go to Fuerteventura because it offers a combination of adventure sports and of break without equal. In addition, on this island, the temperature is usually 25 degrees throughout the year.

Among its attractions, it also highlights the natural reserve and his great lagoon, which appears and disappears according to the tides. And, of course, there is no shortage of nightlife and parties.


Another option to live on the beach a different Christmas is the Caribbean area. Here the possibilities are different. One of the most common options is to carry out a cruise for the Caribbean towns, as well as for the Antilles.

Among the most common itineraries are the routes that start from Miami and they stop at Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Mexico and the Bahamas, among other possibilities.

In any case, it is also a destination to enjoy specific stays in one island or Caribbean area in which temperatures are usually around 28 degrees centigrade. It is all a matter of taste and preference.


And, of course, the Seychelles cannot be missing from this list. It is another of the quintessential destinations for this time of year. Although there are people who consider that December It is not the best month to go there, also these islands have their charm on these Christmas dates.

Regardless of its temperature, the turquoise waters and beaches of White Sands and all the possibilities offered for the care, well-being and relax in their Hotels, which are usually quite luxurious, apart from being surrounded by vegetation and somewhat exotic landscapes.

Any one of these destinations is a good option for Christmas. It only remains to choose, take the suitcase and set course to live a few days with which friends, family and colleagues will be very envious.

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