Shopping in London

Who reads Hard Hobbit To Break you usually know of my passion for London, a wonderful city where I lived for almost a year and that has so much to offer that it was not enough time to discover it in its entirety. Among the many things you can do in the English capital, you should certainly not miss the opportunity to go shopping, whatever your budget.

As in any other city, in London you can buy all kinds of things and at different prices, whether in luxury stores or in "normal" stores or flea markets. If you like shopping, you will certainly be in the perfect city to unleash your passion.

Street markets

In London there are many markets, and two of them are a must: Camden Town Y Portobello Market. The first one is held in Camden and is on Sundays, from very early in the morning until late in the afternoon. There you will find everything you can imagine, from musical instruments to clothing, accessories, jewelry, crafts ... The one in Portobello is in the area of ​​the same name, in Notting Hill. It is celebrated on Saturdays and you also find everything.

Department store

There are many department stores and shopping malls, and the one in Harrods takes the cake. It is spectacular, the most luxurious big warehouse I've been to. Just entering there is an incredible experience, and although as a general rule everything is expensive, you will find some things at a good price to at least take a memory of having been there.

Oxford Street

If what you like is visiting many shops while you stroll around, Oxford Street is the best place for it. There you will find countless shops for clothing, sports, music, toys ... and even a spectacular Gummy store that will take your breath away. You can spend the whole day perfectly from store to store, there is even a spectacular Zara store, with several floors.

London Shopping – A guide to the best areas (January 2024)

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