Travel on a luxury train in South Africa

Traversing South African lands aboard The Blue Train, a five-star train, is a luxury. A romantic experience in which, in addition to enjoying impressive landscapes, one is in a very special environment, in which the service is exquisite, and glamor is breathed in every corner.

The Blue Train travels at a speed of 90 km / h, and accommodates 74 guests in 37 rooms. 17 wagons that make a total of 336 meters long. A very special train that will make the journey a whole experience.

Luxury on rails

If you really want to know what luxury is, reserve tickets for the route between Praetorship Y Cape Town aboard The Blue Train. The distance between both points is 1,600 kilometers. 27 hours of travel immersed in an atmosphere of total glamor. The train then returns to Pretoria with new travelers.

The suites they are equipped with delicate bedding, marble and bathroom with shower or bathtub decorated with gold details. The beds have been specially designed for the train, and there are 10 suites with double beds.

In addition to a complete system of security, the room temperature of the suites is individually regulated, both heating and air conditioning, so that the comfort of the traveler is total. They also have telephone service and multimedia entertainment.

Like a five star hotel

As for the common areas, The Blue Train has a dining car with capacity for 42 people, so meals are done in turns. There you can try the gastronomy most exquisite, in charge of prestigious chefs, and the best wines of South Africa.

The Blue Train also includes two Lounge lounges where travelers can rest and relax, or have tea served every afternoon on time.

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