Exotic islands for sale

There are people who dream of going around the world, others who dream of buying a mansion, others who dream of buy an island… If you are in the last group, this article is perfect for you since I will tell you about a few islands that are for sale all over the world. Furthermore, they are not just any island, they are all exotic islands They are certainly a true paradise, so owning one of them should be like touching the sky with your fingers.

Although the normal thing is that buying an island is very expensive, the truth is that in this article there is one with a fairly reasonable price: $ 29,000. Obviously, it is a lot of money for any mortal, but compared to the several million others cost, it is certainly cheap, as well as a good investment. The sale of islands has increased a lot in recent years, and countries such as the United States, Greece, Portugal, Nicaragua, Canada, Panama, Belize, Brazil or the Bahamas are the ones that sell the most.

McGibbon Island

This little island belongs to Canada and it is the most "cheap" on the list, costing only $ 29,900, which amounts to just over 22,000 euros. A unique opportunity to live on a private island, very quiet and totally exotic.

Tahifehifa Island

Tahifehifa Island
This island is in Tonga, in Oceania. It costs a loaf, exactly $ 370,205, about 277,000 euros. An island that only a few privileged people can buy.

Pink pearl island

With this island prices are already rising, although compared to the following, I would even say that it is cheap. It costs half a million dollars, about 375,000 euros. It's in Nicaragua.

Cayo Leaf

It is in the Bahamas and it is the most expensive of all, costing no less than $ 8,500,000, just over six million euros.

Valiha Island

It's in Madagascar and it costs almost five million dollars, which amounts to almost four million euros.

Teardrop island

The so-called island of tears is in Philippines And you can get it for three and a half million dollars (more than two million euros).

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