Tips for traveling to Africa

Any corner of the African continent offers a thousand treasures to discover. Its landscapes of spectacular beauty, its people and, above all, its wild nature make it a special destination that we should all have the opportunity to know.

Until now it has been believed that it is a continent only for travelers more fearless. However, we can all dare to know the wonderful Africa. You just have to take into account some recommendations when preparing the trip. Here are some practical tips that will help you organize such an important adventure.

Be cautious, indispensable

Precautions begin at to pack, in which you should put comfortable clothes and shoes, hat, glasses and sunscreen since the temperatures are usually high and the sun is ruthless. It is also necessary to include in the luggage water purification drops and a first aid kit doctor.

It is important, as far as food It refers to avoiding eating on the street or in places of poor hygiene, since otherwise it is easy to suffer diarrhea or other more serious diseases. Better eat in hotels, even if it's more expensive. As for the water, avoid drinking from any tap or you will fall ill. Take alone mineral water bottled (ice drinks are prohibited).


They are an important chapter to consider. Depending on the country you are traveling to, you will need one or other vaccines. Get well informed about which ones you have to wear and how. Some of them are: tetanus, yellow fever, polio, typhoid, hepatitis A and B, diphtheria, meningitis, rabies, etc. You also need to take medication to prevent malaria (You must continue the treatment until some time after you have returned), and protect yourself from bites mosquitoes and other insects carrying the body covered day and night, using repellent and mosquito nets to sleep.

To avoid other diseases such as Ebola, you must take extreme measures hygiene. It is dangerous to bathe in lakes or rivers, since you could contract some type of parasitic disease. Opt for chlorinated pools.

Although it may seem difficult to travel to Africa, it really is not so much. You just need to be cautious, use common sense and want to live this adventure only.

AFRICA: Top 12 Travel Tips (August 2020)

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