The most dangerous airports in the world

Today there is airports super modern that are constantly renewed to offer all kinds of luxuries and guarantees to travelers. However, there are others that cannot be modernized, mainly due to their location, which makes them very dangerous. Knowing what an airport is like when we travel is essential to organize the trip well, especially to be prepared for any surprise, especially when the destination airport is dangerous.

Next I will tell you which airports are considered most dangerous in the world, danger that resides mainly in that they are stuck to the sea or between mountains. Airports around the world and in places worth visiting, so you should know beforehand that landings in them can be complicated. Take note:

Lukla airport

It is in Nepal and is also called Tenzing-Hillary. It is one of the main points to access the Mount Everest from Kathmandu, and its danger is that its track is only 460 meters long, also being in mountainous terrain. For your peace of mind, the last mishap at this airport was in 2010 and there were no injuries.

Saba airport

saba airport
Is in the Saba Island, in the Netherlands Antilles, and is located on a small plateau that goes out to sea, with a track that does not reach 400 meters in length. Although it is one of the most dangerous airports, there have never been accidents, although you have to be a pilot with a lot of experience to be able to land here.

Gustaf III airport

It is in the French Antilles, on the island of Sait Barthélemy, and its track measures 650 meters but is sloping. To land you have to do a difficult maneuver by descending quickly behind the mountains just before the runway.

Toncontín airport

East Honduran airport It has almost 2 kilometers of runway, but it is very dangerous due to its terrain, which causes many planes to go off the runway.

Courchevel airport

This French airport has 525 meters of runway between the summits of the Alps, and in the middle of the pist there is a fold of the terrain that causes a small descent. A scene from James Bond's Tomorrow Never Dies was shot here.

Gibraltar airport

It is considered extremely dangerous by cross winds and down a street that runs through the middle. It has almost two kilometers of track.

Kai Tak airport

Years ago it was the Hong Kong International Airport, but it stopped being so due to its dangerous nature. Despite having more than 3 kilometers of track, the mountains and surrounding buildings make landing difficult.

Los Roques airport

Venezuelan airport that does not reach a kilometer of runway and is in a small island.

Madeira airport

This Portuguese airport was expanded not long ago and has almost 3 kilometers of runway. The crosswind is very strong, but thanks to the latest reforms it can now accommodate big planes, although it is still dangerous.

Saint Martin airport

It is on the island of Saint Marteen, in the Netherlands Antilles and is one of the most famous in the world, as you have to go through a beach which is a few meters from the track. Planes pass very, very close to people on the beach, which is very dangerous since turbines can cause people under the plane to be seriously injured.

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