The spectacular Tikehau in French Polynesia

In the French Polynesia you can find many places of exceptional beauty, and without a doubt Tikeahu It is one of the most beautiful that you can see no longer there but throughout the world. It is the most beautiful and spectacular atoll of the Tuamotu islands, which are in the Pacific Ocean and belong to France. With a very curious circle shape, it is a virgin atoll that is 26 kilometers in diameter, which makes it also the most important place with marine life on the islands.

If you want to visit a natural place That it really is spectacular and leaves you speechless, without a doubt Tikehau is one of the best options. In addition, throughout the area you can find impressive paradisiacal beaches where you can spend an unforgettable vacation, being able to practice all kinds of activities, especially water sports. Any part of French Polynesia is beautiful, but this atoll is impressive.

Flora and fauna

The fauna in Tikehau is very varied, and what you can see the most are rays, gray sharks, barracudas, tuna and several flocks of native birds that intermingle with the sea and aquatic species. Coconut palms are of great importance on the island since the collection of the copra (the dried pulp of the coconut) is the main source of income for its inhabitants. In addition, tourism and fishing are also very important.


Tikehau is an unknown place for a large part of tourists from all over the world, but it must also be said that its number of visitors increases greatly each year. The colors offered by this place are incredible, with a turquoise water, green and light blue that contrasts with the color of the sand and the species that live in the atoll. There is only one hotel in that area, although you can find several pensions. It is curious that being one of the quietest places in French Polynesia, there is an airport on the island.

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