Travel to the German Alps

The Alps They are one of the great natural beauties that we have in Europe, and although most of them are taken by Italy, Switzerland and Austria, the truth is that in Germany there is also a mountain chain that belongs to them and that is really spectacular. Of the three regions into which the country is divided, in one of them are the so-called Bavarian alps.

They occupy only a territory of 20 to 40 kilometers wide, but its beauty has nothing to envy to the hundreds of kilometers that are spread across other countries. In the northern part, the steep saws and the sharp ridges of the so-called Northern Limestone Alps, which have mountains that reach almost 3,000 meters in height. In the Prealps there is the zugspitze mountain, which measures 2,964 meters of altitude.

Prealpine Highlands

The Bavarian pre-alpine plateaus originated thanks to the quaternary glaciations, ranging from 800 meters of altitude to 300 meters on the banks of the Danube, a beautiful and very unique landscape. In the north there are many basins of great depth that were once razed by various accumulations of snow that later became layers of snow. After the last glaciations, the basins were flooded and formed lakes like the Constance, Chiemsee or Amersee.

The eastern part

In the eastern part, which has an inclination towards the northeast, there were also melting currents, which made that area free of glaciers and gave rise to tertiary hills from Bavaria. These hills form a spectacular landscape when located between the Danube and the edge of the gravel platforms.You can also find a large set of very lush forests, very wide valleys, rushing rivers, very barren plains or lakes so shiny that they look like a mirror.

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