Tips for preparing carry-on luggage for air travel

With this that check luggage It costs more and more, especially if you carry more than one suitcase, there are many people who try to carry only hand luggage. This will not only save you some money in the case of traveling with a low-cost company, but it will also be much more comfortable since you neither have to queue to check in your suitcase nor do you have to wait after the flight for your departure. bag.

Today I would like to give you a few tips so you can prepare your hand luggage When you go to travel, either being the only thing you carry or carrying checked bags.


The first thing to keep in mind is the maximum dimensions It can have the suitcase that you are going to carry by hand, which vary with each company but very little, so a suitcase can be worth for any airline. Today there are many suitcases that are already sold with the perfect measurements for any airline. Anyway, each airline has a support in which you must put the suitcase to check if it has the allowed measurements.

On the plane

Once inside the plane, you must put it in the department that is there for it above the seats, or under yours if there is enough space. There are some companies that allow you to also carry some other package, such as a backpack or handbag, although others (like Ryanair) only let you go with one package, whether it be a suitcase, bag or backpack.

What to put in the suitcase

The best thing is that you put the essentials in the suitcase, even if you carry other checked bags since this way, if you lose any, you will have at least the most important thing for the first days of travel. Put the documentation of the trip and what you will need during the flight, such as a book or a computer, in the outer pockets.

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