What to eat in Amsterdam

On several occasions we have spoken in Hard Hobbit To Break of how important it is to discover the local gastronomy in any place we visit. All gastronomies are different even if they have things in common with others, and it is fantastic to be able to discover the flavors, textures and combinations that can be found in dishes from other places. Going on a trip to another city or country and not trying its gastronomy is leaving without discovering one of its great riches.

Today I would like to write about the gastronomy of Amsterdamm, a city in which cheese is its great culinary star, just like in the rest of the Netherlands. If you like cheese, in the Dutch capital you will feel in paradise as there are infinite types with different textures and flavors, both soft and strong. The dutch cheeses Edam and Gouda are more famous, but there are many more. Anyway, I will not focus on cheese but on the 2 most important gastronomic delights in the city.

Unmissable delights

Stroopwafels: it is perfect for sweet tooth as it is the most famous sweet. They are two butter cookies of a larger size than the usual ones and they are put together, putting in the middle a very sweet syrup that can be of different flavors. You can find them at every step and in any corner you can see someone eating them at any time of the day.

Pannekoeken: It is the other great delight of Amsterdam, something similar to a crepe but with more weight and consistency than the French. They always eat fillings, both sweet and salty ingredients. Thus, it can be filled with jam, ice cream, honey, cheese, ham, bacon, cream ... A wonder that serves both as a first course and as a snack. You can find them in restaurants, bars, specialized establishments or even in street stalls.

The 10 things to eat in Amsterdam | WHAT & WHERE to eat, by the locals ???????? #Amsterdam #cityguide (May 2022)

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